Michino Eki Aso

Fresh local produce on the way to Kurokawa Hot Springs

By Yui Yamaguchi    - 1 min read

One of the most enjoyable things when I'm on a road trip is dropping in at a Michino Eki or roadside station. There are many Michino Eki in Japan, but it's fun to discover their local special products. I'm often attracted by the aroma from food stalls selling grilled yakitori, takoyaki and steamed buns and can't help buying and eating them!

Michino Eki Aso is on the way to Kurokawa Hot Springs. As soon as as we open the cars's door, there is a smell of sulfur even here. Mt. Aso was active (as of May 2015).

You can purchase Aso's special produce such as its rich dairy products, takana (mustard leaves) and fresh vegetables. There is an ice cream shop with a long queue which pulled me in with its rich milk flavor and refreshing sweetness. Bento lunch set boxes were sold as well, some people were enjoying them at the tables outside.

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