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Minamata Rose Festa

Southern Kumamoto's longest festival

At the entrance of the 41.4 hectares "Eco-Park Minamata," just off of Route 3, lies the Minamata Rose Garden.

Strolling among the fragrant roses in the garden, snacking on a rose flavored ice cream cone, or picnicking under the shade of trees while the kids play in the nearby playground, Eco-Park and the rose garden is a paradise for families looking for a low-cost way to enjoy the sunny spring and autumn weather. Though mostly a local tourist attraction, foreign travelers might enjoy putting it in their itinerary as a break from the other hiking and hot spring tourist activities that can be enjoyed in the area.

Throughout the months of May and October, when the roses are in the peak of their bloom, food stalls and souvenir shops are set up at the entrance to the garden; stage performances and concerts are held almost every weekend and holiday, so there will always be something to enjoy no matter which day of the month you go.

The garden itself is about 1.3 hectares and is surrounded by a 300 m wall of roses.  Over 750 varieties of the flower can be seen in the rose garden, and for those who are serious gardening enthusiasts, there are workshops and tours to learn about the different species and how to care for them.

Entrance to the garden and parking in Eco-Park is free of charge.  The park is a 20 minute walk from Minamata Station or a 15 minute bus ride from Shin-Minamata station.   A 3/5/10K "Rose Marathon" event is also held around the second or third Sunday of May each year.

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