The charming and inviting exterior. (Photo: Kim B)
The charming and inviting exterior. (Photo: Kim B)
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A Vegan Eating Journey at Ain Soph

Everything from mains to sweets - and all 100% vegan

If you're after vegan eats in Japan, it's likely that you've stumbled across the Ain Soph group of restaurants. Starting with a number of different restaurants across Tokyo, they have recently expanded with their first foray into the Kyoto vegan eating scene.

The restaurant is located in close proximity to both the Gion area and the Kyoto International Manga Museum, making it the perfect spot to stop for a bite to eat if you're in either of those locations. However, even if you're not in the immediate area, it's worth working it into your itinerary – the food is that good.

The interior of the premises is light, bright and airy - white walls, farmhouse style white sanded tables, and potted plants hanging from the ceiling all adorn the restaurant. There are separate menus for lunch, dinner, sweets, and drinks, and there's even an afternoon tea set menu available. The afternoon tea menu is only available on weekdays, so bear that in mind if you're planning a special trip.

When it comes to the eats on offer, there's something to suit just about anyone's taste buds. From a Genovese style pasta, Thai green curry, vegetable paella, and even a vegan approved taco rice, the options are varied, diverse, and most importantly - super tasty!

If you've got a sweet tooth, you're covered here as well, with loads of items to choose from. Gluten free gateau chocolat complete with soy whipped cream, creme brulee, tiramisu and puddings are just some of the options on their extensive vegan friendly dessert menu. The matcha and white chocolate pancakes are a must - light, fluffy, and flavorful!

Ain Soph Journey also offer a wide variety of drinks, including wine, draft beer, cocktails, and plenty of non alcoholic beverages as well. The tea and cold pressed juice lineup in particular will keep you happy if you're health conscious.

Getting there

Ain Soph Journey is situated 3 minutes on foot from Kawaramachi Station.

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Scott Brause 5 years ago
This is great information. I have quite a few vegan and vegetarian friends who have asked about vegan restaurants in Japan. I will share this with them. This sounds like one for the short list!
Kim Author 5 years ago
We all really enjoyed it, both the vegan and non-vegans in our party! The pancakes alone are worth the trip!

Thank you for your support!

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