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A Walk through Nishiki Market

Culinary delights in Kyoto's Kitchen

If you're in Kyoto and you are looking to try some Japanese delicacies, Nishiki Market is what you're looking for. Located conveniently in the downtown between the key sightseeing areas of Higashiyama and Nijo, and close to the main shopping areas, this market brings you the best for your taste buds. From traditional to the quirky, whether it is sweets, fish, dried goods, pickled vegetables or sake, everything is available. The Japanese in Kyoto have a saying: "There is no kind of food that you can't find at Nishiki."

Besides food, you will also find boutiques and stalls with kitchenware, pottery, stoneware, clothes and souvenirs. If you find you have eaten or spent too much, do not worry. You can go pray at the Nishiki Tenmagu Shrine as it is the spot where the market actually ends. If you want to make your experience even more unique, before visiting the market make sure to rent or buy yourself a Yukata.

If you find yourself on a rainy day in Kyoto and you don't know what to do, head towards the Nishiki Market. The opening hours are from 9am until 6pm. 

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