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Autumn at Daikaku Temple

Enjoy the colors at Osawa Pond

Daikakuji is a temple founded by Emperor Saga. It is located in Sagano in the Sakyo ward of Kyoto City. Originally, this place was a riyku (villa) of Emperor Saga, but thirty years after the Emperor's death in Jogan 18 (876), the late Emperor's daughter, Princess Seishinai Shin'noh, revised the plans of the palace to construct a temple. However, years later Emperor Kameyama and Emperor Gouda, which had become a monk, lived at the temple as cloistered Emperors. The temple took main stage in Japanese history at that time.

It is said Emperor Saga built Osawa Pond to imitate Doutei Lake (洞庭湖) in China. You can see traces of Chinese design here, courtesy of the envoys to Tang China bringing back Chinese documents. Osawa Pond is not just a decoration or accessory to Daikaku Temple. It should also be noted it served the purpose of irrigation to nearby agricultural fields.

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