Blooming Sakura in Kyoto

Melancholic charm in the ancient capital city

By Aryani Tahir    - 1 min read

Unlike its other counterparts like Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto has its own charm. With the abundance of old machiya town houses sandwiched by modern buildings around town, it is easy to fall in love with this former capital city of Japan.

I was strolling around town with no particular destination, just my feet going where the blooming sakura or cherry trees led me. There was just a melancholic feeling behind this old city.

Some of the best places to see cherry blossoms include the Philosopher's Path and the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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Aryani Tahir

Aryani Tahir @aryani.tahir

I love travelling and learning about local culture. I have been to Japan once but would definitely come back in the future to explore its less crowded places.