Bonsai at Kyoto Botanical Gardens

Miniature pines, wisteria, maples and more

 By Cathy Cawood   Mar 13, 2014

Kyoto Botanical Gardens has quite a big bonsai display with many beautiful and interesting specimens, including wisteria, pines, and several different maples. I loved the trees, although I wished they were displayed more imaginatively instead of just lined up on wooden tables. I thought they looked a little forlorn. In spite of that, there are not that many places where you can see large collections of bonsai, so it is well worth visiting.

Photography by Cathy Cawood
Japan Travel Partner

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Mandy Bartok 2 years ago
Love the bonsai exhibit. Is there a "best" season to visit the botanical garden?
Cathy Cawood Photographer 2 years ago
My personal best experience of it was in spring, both at cherry blossom/tulip time, and in late spring when everything is lushly green.
Cathy Cawood Photographer 3 years ago
Thank you James and Michelle, I'm glad you enjoyed them!
James Forest 3 years ago
Why cant they be both? hehe. Really nice photos though.
Michelle Montaño 3 years ago
I can't decide if the trees are ethereal or adorable. Your pictures are very nice.