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Kyoto Botanical Garden Conservatory

A fascinating and beautiful addition to the gardens

Located in the large, wondrous and amazing Kyoto Botanical Gardens, you’ll find their conservatory greenhouse filled with plants and trees. Costing a mere ¥200 for adults to enter, I really suggest heading in! They boast a huge collection of 25,000 specimens across 4,500 different species.

Opened in 1992, the conservatory is designed to resemble the nearby Kinkaku-ji, a temple also known as the Golden Pavilion, as well as Kyoto’s northern mountains.

The conservatory opens each day at 10AM and has a winding path to take you through the many different climate rooms:

  • Ananas room
  • Aquatic and carnivorous room
  • Bromeliads room
  • Desert and savanna room
  • Forest succulent room
  • Jungle zone
  • Orchids room
  • Potted plants room
  • Tropical alpine room
  • Tropical produce room