Chion-ji Hyakumanben Craft Markets

Artisan flair on the 15th of each month in Kyoto

By Bonson Lam    - 2 min read

Rain or shine, Chionji temple in northeastern Kyoto hosts the Hyakumanben flea market on the fifteenth day of each month. The best seasons to visit are spring and autumn where the days are fine and mild. In May the markets coincide with the Aoi Festival which finishes at Shimogamo Shrine nearby, and so there was a friendly atmosphere as the stream of visitors, filled with excitement from the festival, stop by for a chat amongst themselves and with the market stall holders. There was a colorful stall full of miniature water paintings that caught my eye. It turned out that they were covers for face wipes, one of the most popular souvenirs from Kyoto. The stall owner tells me that he has been here for several years; with his wife meticulously hand painting scenes and motifs from old Kyoto.

All the items I saw in the markets were hand made, and it gives you an opportunity to chat with the artisans who have made these products, most of them suitable as an omiyage or gift for a friend or family member. From table lamps made from Whisky bottles, to pastel colored leather key holders, these are the kinds of items you will not find anywhere else. The best way to get here is by bicycle or bus, using routes 17, 102, 201, 203, or 206.

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