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Kizakura Kappa Country in Kyoto

Famous sake at a Fushimi museum and restaurant

Fushimi in Kyoto along with Nada in Hyogo Prefecture continue to be prime locations of sake production since the times of the Edo period 400 years ago. The Kizakura sake of Fushimi has a young history but thanks to its 20th century coporate strategy has become known as a famous sake around the world.

With its memorable TV commerical song Kappa Kizakura and the fact that it is easy to drink, it is now more popular than ever. The Kizakura Kappa Country is a museum that studiously collects and displays a variety of kappa materials from around the country. Of couse there is also Kizakura sake to sample and goods are avaiable for purchase in the store. Overall, this is a fun place to visit.

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