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Kodai-ji Fall Illumination in Kyoto

Spotlights on the fall foliage

Fall to early Winter is a popular time in Kyoto due to the Fall Illuminations. Like Christmas Illuminations, it involves lots of lights once the sun goes down, but unlike twinkling Christmas lights these illuminations are more like spotlights on the fall foliage. Since Kyoto is farther south than Tokyo the fall foliage season lasts into December.

Several of the most well-known temples and shrines have Fall Illuminations, including Kyomizudera and Nanzen-ji. Kodai-ji's reflective pool makes the fall colors and light look particularly magical, and it's easy to think for a second you are in some kind of fairy tale.

Kodai-ji's Fall Illumination is usually from late October to early December. Fall Illumination hours are from sunset (usually 5:00) to 7:30 and the entrance fee is 600 yen.

Kodai-ji Autumn Illumination

Kodai-ji Autumn Illumination

Late Oct - Mid Dec

Formally known as Kodaijusho-zenji Temple and located in the Higashiyama Mountains of eastern Kyoto, Kodai-ji Temple was established..

6 ¥600

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