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Kurama, a Strong Power Spot

The Supernatural, Long-nosed Goblins, and Reiki healing

Kurama, on the outskirts of the north mountain area of Kyoto, has always been known as a very strong power spot. According to legend, a supernatural power from Venus came down to Kurama 6.5 million years ago, and since then Kurama has been blessed with strong spiritual power. In the course of time, long-nosed goblins lived on this mountain and many folklore stories were handed down. In 1922, Mikao Usui (1865-1926) isolated himself in Kurama's mountains for 21 days and eventually was blessed with healing powers. He named the power 'Reiki' and applied this power to help the injured and sick. Walking up the long stone steps to Kurama Temple, standing on the stone pavement in front of the main hall, and going into the inner sanctuary, you might feel a strong power running through your body!