Kyotographie Festival

An everchanging event of art

Sep 18th
Oct 18th
Venue: Kyoto City When: Sep 18th - Oct 18th 2021

Kyoto's annual photography festival features over 13 exhibitions centered around their changing annual theme. Pieces will be shown in iconic venues around Kyoto with original scenography.

Previous themes have included the word vibe. Described by the festival organisers as a ‘distinctive emotional atmosphere, something sensed intuitively and deeply connected to our mood. Vibes rush over you when you meet a person, confront a memory or event, visit a place, hear a piece of music.’ Along the stellar lineup of exhibitions for this year include a look at life in Cuba through the lenses of three Cuban photographers, a Magnum Live Lab in Kyoto and exhibitions by various internationally acclaimed photographers.

Purchasing a Passport Ticket (available at a pre-sale price of 3500 yen, and available during the length of the festival at 4000 yen) allows you access to each of the main program exhibition sites once.

Getting there

Kyotographie is located at various sites around Kyoto city.

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Kim 2 years ago
Really striking images!
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Interesting event! I'd like to visit as a photographer.