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Experience a home cooked meal in Kyoto

Being on a student's budget in Japan can be hard as it can limit the experiences you’re going to make, and so when someone approved my last-minute request to surf their couch in Kyoto, I jumped into it and hoped for the best. I was delighted that my Japanese host is very kind and helpful especially when I ask her what to see and do in Kyoto and so before we parted ways I asked her where’s a really good restaurant to eat around Gion area she told me about Rojiusagi.

Rojiusagi is a small residence near Hanamikoji Dori in the Geisha district of Kyoto. The owner is a nice Japanese lady who is very accommodating even though I don’t speak Japanese and she doesn’t speak English. She manages and cooks the food herself, so if you want a traditional Japanese home cooked meal, this is a must go to place to get one. As soon as I found the place and opened the door, the owner greeted me; it was like she was welcoming me into her home. We had a hard time communicating at first but luckily there was another customer who spoke Japanese and English and she helped me order lunch. After this was all set the owner showed me to my table, I opted for the table where you sit on a Tatami mat (traditional Japanese floor mat) but there is also a chair by a small bar close to the entrance if you don’t want to remove your shoes.

The whole place is really comfortable and feels like you’re in someone’s home. It’s also very quiet, and I felt a sense of calm just sitting there waiting for my food with the view of a small garden right in front of me and from the distance I can hear the sound of food being cooked. Behind me is a whole wall of books all in Japanese, mostly about Kyoto; this place is also doubles as a book café. I didn’t actually know what I ordered I just said to the other customer who was translating for me “Fish” and put my trust into the owner’s hands. Surely enough Rojiusagi did not disappoint, that Shiozake (grilled salted salmon) meal was amazing. Sometimes the menu changes depending on what’s available in the market. Rojiusagi also serves either a traditional Kyoto or Western breakfast like toast, eggs and coffee.

So if you’re looking for a traditional Japanese meal and want to experience what it feels like to eat home cooked meal in japan head on to Rojiusagi located just a 3 minute walk from Keihan Main Line Gion Shijo Station.

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Yui Yamaguchi 9 years ago
Machiya cafe is getting popular in Japan, huh? It's interesting to see their decoration and to taste home cooking.

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