Art at Your Feet in Tohoku

No putting a lid on these manholes' creativity

By Radica Sooknarine    - 1 min read

I once thought the business of manhole cover art was mere exaggeration.Then one day while walking the streets of Sendai City, one of the first things that grabbed my attention was the piece of artwork at my feet. It was at that moment, I became very prone to walking into things and people because instead of looking at where I was heading, I kept looking at the ground for more manhole covers! As I ventured out of the largest city of the six northern prefectures of Honshu Island which make up Tohoku, I found more and more. What is equally fascinating is that within each prefecture, there are endless designs. The next time you step out onto the streets, why not enjoy the art at your feet?

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Radica Sooknarine

Radica Sooknarine @radica.sooknarine

I currently teach English in Sendai City. Whenever possible, I seek out adventures in this enchanting country.