Nametsu Waterfall

One of the top 10 waterfalls of Miyagi

 By Justin Velgus   Jul 9, 2017

Nametsu Waterfall (滑津大滝) in Shichikashuku Town is considered one of the top 10 waterfalls in Miyagi Prefecture. A small rest area along course 113, basically the only road through town, is the home to a local store and a parking lot with an entrance down to the waterfall.

From the parking lot, descend several flights of outside stairs to the Shiraishi River. Stroll a few minutes along a paved path to the powerful waterfall. The wide waterfall is split into two levels. Often the rickety looking stairwell up the second waterfall is partially blocked by the rushing waterfall. Be careful if you want to venture up the steps. You will be rewarded with an even better view as you are sandwiched between the two waterfalls.

The grassy river basin is dotted with golden flowers, creating a picturesque scene. At the same time the concrete walking path shows man's invasion of nature. Yet, it makes an otherwise hidden gem accessible to the masses. The waterfall is worth visit when passing through town, though not worth a special trip. There are no hiking trails here, though others are in the area.

Photography by Justin Velgus
Japan Travel Member

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Elena Lisina 6 months ago
Beautiful place and great photos!
Justin Velgus Photographer 6 months ago
Thank you! Going up those stairs was a little scary but worth it for the view.
Cathy Cawood 6 months ago
Looks wonderful! I love waterfalls.
Justin Velgus Photographer 6 months ago
Me too! There are plenty hiding around the mountains of Japan.