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Sendai Asakusa at Night

Neon, drinks, food, and religion hidden in an alley

Sendai Asakusa is an alleyway almost hidden in plain site. Easy to miss for those not in the know, this single street in Sendai with a rich history is now a hodgepodge of stores and restaurants. Places such as the dry cleaners or barbershop are only open during the morning and afternoon, but as soon as the sun starts to set, a new world appears.

Neon lights, the muffled sounds of laughter and singing, and smells of grilled meats, ramen, and more assault your senses. At the same time, there are moments of peace. First there is the brief quiet pause when you pass a few select shops, which opened earlier in the day are now closed. Then without warning you come across Buddhist statues and an area to pray. The roller coaster of emotions mixed with moments of excitement and bliss make a trip to Sendai Asakusa a memorable experience.

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