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Ippuku:Under Construction Theme Pub

Hard hats and hard liquor, in style!

Sendai Asakusa is an alleyway almost hidden in plain site just steps away from Kitasendai Station on the subway or JR line. The area really comes alive at night, where you'll find one pub that is a little different from the others. The randomly placed cones, scattered warning signs, and flashing lights look almost like an explosion happened at a construction site. Well that is half true, as Ippuku (いっぷく) is a Japanese pub which prides itself on the theme of construction site (工事現場風). A great place for alcohol or cuisine, the night just gets better the more you drink (doesn't it always?) and you see all the little details put into the restaurant design.

The two floor restaurant has a slightly cramped first floor as two tables, counter seats along the bar/kitchen, the bottom of the stairs to the second story and adjacent bathroom fight for space. In every possible nook or cranny is something related to construction. Tools, a wielder's helmet, more cones, and telephones--one for the boss, one for the wife-- make the whole experience. The second floor has more space and can hold maybe ten comfortably or squeeze fifteen if you don't mind rubbing shoulders. There is also a cute painting on the wall of the second floor which takes away from the manly image you may associate with the place. There are TVs on both floors. This place is perfect for office workers, friends, small parties, or a date. It is memorable to say the least.

While your eyes dance around the interior discovering every carefully considered ornament, your mouth may begin to water as the juicy aromas of grilled meat fill the air. The menu highlights are various fried and grilled meats on sticks, with several options to include cheese-infused versions, as well as cooked and raw fish sashimi, and even raw horse meat. The menu changes slightly to what is in season. The drink menu is also impressive considering the size of the restaurant. Sours, highballs, beers, cocktails, sake, and wine are all available. Having eaten at a nearby Korean restaurant before arrival, I was not able to adequately sample the menu. The sweet and easy to drink plum wine was great. The kicker was the finger food that awakened my taste buds; the cheese oozed out of the fried up veggies and meat the more I bit into them. Prices are similar to what you pay at any eatery that serves up the same food and drink options. Thanks to my positive experience, I am excited to bring my friends next time. For a proper night together, we will surely take advantage of one of the various party plan options which include one to seven dishes and all-you-can-drink from 1800-4500 yen.

When exploring Sendai, make sure to visit Ippuku to deconstruct its delicious food and drinks in a fun environment you won't soon forget.

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Olga 9 years ago
That idea is really interesting!
Jeradyne Cheong 9 years ago
Such an interesting concept for a pub!
Justin Velgus Author 10 years ago
Yeah, it was a great experience. Hmmm, I didn't ask why. Probably during construction, they just gave up and...Ah ha!!

The staff didn't dress up or talk like constructions workers, which was a good thing. That would have been over the top!
Melissa Hill 10 years ago
Wow, I would never think to make a themed izakaya like this! Unique, without looking too silly, I would want to visit there some time. I would also be interested to ask the owners what brought them to thinking of that theme for their establishment. Intriguing, for sure!

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