Sendai Tanabata Fireworks Festival

Eye in the sky summer fireworks

Aug 5
Venue: Sendai Nishi Park When: Wednesday - Aug 5th 2020 ,  7:30pm - 8:30pm

The Sendai Tanabata Fireworks Display is a popular tradition with local residents and tourists alike. Approximately 16,000 fireworks are set off from the shores of the Hirose River which flows through central Sendai. The area is easily accessed via Hirosedori or Kotodaikoen subway station and a 10 minute walk. Or take a leisurely 30 minute stroll through the shopping arcades from JR Sendai Station.

The most popular spot for viewing (if you can fight off the crowds!) is Nishi Koen (West Park). The fireworks show is a medium-sized display which is complimented by festival stalls frequented by couples and friends wandering about in yukata (cotton kimono). The event is held annually around 6-8 August to kick start three days of Sendai Tanabata festivities.

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Giovanni Rattacaso

Giovanni Rattacaso @giovanni.rattacaso

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Elena Lisina 2 months ago
Sendai is my favorite city so far! Hope to see Tanabata Matsuri of Sendai sme day.
Justin Velgus 4 years ago
Catchy music made this fun to watch.