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Three Years After That Day: Arahama

Another look at the tsunami affected area near Sendai

Arahama is an area along the coast of Miyagi Prefecture located close to Yuriage. Although Arahama is much smaller and had a much smaller population, the tsunami's destruction was indiscriminate. The only major building left standing in the area is the elementary school. Although it will likely never again function as a school, it is kept as a reminder of that day, but also has the practical purpose of being an area for others to escape to just in case another tsunami were to ever come.

There is a small roadside area with a collection of pictures of the town before and during the tsunami. Across the street a towering image of Kannon creates a focal point for those to pray and remember. You can also take a walk to the ocean and wonder just how something so cruel can come from such a peaceful blue.

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