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Guesthouse Heiwa

A comfortable base for exploring Miyazaki City

Miyazaki is an often overlooked prefecture located in the southeast of Kyushu, but it has a lot to offer. With one of the warmest climates of Japan’s four main islands, its capital, Miyazaki City, is a pleasant place to explore for a couple of days.

If you’re looking for somewhere comfortable and reasonably priced to stay whilst in the city, a good option is Guesthouse Heiwa. Heiwa means peace in Japanese, and the guesthouse takes its name from a nearby peace park which features an unusual tower constructed of stones collected from across Asia.

Located in a quiet residential area of the city, Guesthouse Heiwa is ideal for travellers who want to relax and explore Miyazaki at their own pace. A relatively new guesthouse, it was opened in November 2012 by Shiori Matsuda. Shiori-san decided to open it as she enjoys meeting new people and introducing them to her city.

There are several mixed dorm rooms available, in both western style (with bunk beds) and Japanese style (with futons). All the rooms, including the shared bathroom and toilets, are spotlessly clean. There is a fully-equipped kitchen if you want to cook for yourself, and there is also a relaxing communal area. Parking is available if you have their own car.

The guesthouse is located a little far from the city centre, requiring a 20 minute bus journey from the station. However, it is very close to two of the city’s main attractions: Miyazaki Jingu, the oldest shrine in the city, and Heiwadai Park, with its distinctive stone monument.

Shiori-san has two bikes available for guests to use freely, and these sights are just a short ride away. You can also go for a ride along the picturesque riverbank near the guesthouse, or explore some of the quaint leafy streets in the surrounding area.

Although she only speaks a little English, Shiori-san is very friendly and does her best to make you feel at home. She is also happy to provide you with a simple breakfast if requested, free of charge – a good start to a day of sightseeing!

At just 2000 yen a night, Guesthouse Heiwa is great value for money, and definitely worth a stay if you plan on visiting Miyazaki.

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