Candle Night in Matsumoto

With Candles, Art, Music, Green Glass and Yayoi Kusama

By Akira Matsuo    - 1 min read
Venue: Matsumoto City Museum of Art When: Mid Jun 2023

The "Candle Night"​ is held at the Matsumoto City Museum of Art every year around the summer and winter solstice to enlighten people on environmental issues. It is a nice (and free of charge!) event to enjoy a fantastic night by only the light of candles on green glass in the yard of the museum with art and live music.

Matsumoto is popular with its oldest castle in Japan and surroundings of beautiful nature, but also it is a town of a modern culture of music, art, and crafts.

The famous modern artist Yayoi Kusama is from Matsumoto and you can see her many works in this art museum.

At one of the previous candle night events, a big objet d'art, "The Visionary Flowers", was lit up by candles as well, creating a more mysterious​ than usual Candle Night.

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Akira Matsuo

Akira Matsuo @akira.matsuo

Nice to see you in this useful and cool website! I was born in Osaka and moved to Nagoya, then, Tokyo. After I founded my company MT Laboratories and work all day and night, I moved both my residence and company to a beautiful castle town, Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture. Living in this area surrounded by wonderful nature and the Japan Alps was one of my dreams. My company’s business is translation services and web development; so, I am working with development and managing of official tourism websites such as Go! Nagano and Matsumoto Welcomes You and leaflets. My current dream is to make Matsumoto and Nagano Prefecture international tourism towns!

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Kim a year ago
Very cool that it's tied to awareness about environmental issues!
Elena Lisina a year ago