Kamikochi: Hiking near Takayama

Natural heaven in the Central Alps of Gifu and Nagano

By Amber Echevarria    - 1 min read

Kamikochi is truly a great place to experience the amazing natural beauty of the central Japanese Alps. Choose from the many trails and you will see for yourself the secret beauty that exists when you slip away from the busy coastal life in the cities. The only skyscrapers here are massive mountains towering around you, and the busiest moments are where the crystal clear waters rush over naturaly smooth boulders and fallen trees. From Takayama Station, you can take a 60 minute bus to Hirayu Onsen, then a 25 minute bus to Kamiochi.

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Amber Echevarria

Amber Echevarria @amber.echevarria

I'm a midwestern girl from Chicago who visited Japan on vacation in 2011. I spent the following year wishing I was back in Japan and was extremely excited to return here to live in April 2012. My home town here in Japan is Takayama, in Gifu Prefecture, and I love living in this beautiful mountain town, where I teach english & study Japanese, while I try to experience as much of Japan as possible!I write about my daily life as a foreigner living in Japan at www.ordtoanywhere.wordpress.com