Yamaguchiya Togakushi Soba

Nagano's highest quality soba

By Sherilyn Siy   Sep 21, 2018 - 1 min read

The mountainous region of Togakushi is perfect for growing buckwheat. Processed together with pure mountain water, the result is high quality soba noodles. After checking out several restaurants in the area, we decided on Yamaguchiya Togakushi Soba restaurant because there were ample parking spaces, the price was reasonable, and kid's sets were available.

The restaurant interior was bright, clean and generally inviting. Despite a packed house, service was fast and efficient, and each of our orders prepared with care. Although budget conscious visitors might balk at the price, the soba noodles were slightly sweet, perfectly al dente and the tsuyuu excellent. It ranks among the best soba I have ever had. Splurge a bit and add wild vegetable tempura to your meal (vegetables vary according to the season). Half the building is a gift shop selling various soba-related items.

Getting there

Take a bus for Togakushi from JR Nagano Station and get off at bus stop "Chusha-daimon." Parking spaces available.

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