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Nara Scenes

Deer in small corners of Nara

I’ve noticed that tourists tend to take photos of different buildings and places of interest rather than other objects. But I like to take photos of the scenes I watch in beautiful corners that are many in Japan. Visiting Nara, it’s impossible to miss taking photos with deer as you meet them everywhere you go. Deer are curious and very friendly, you can buy special cookies to treat them. I walked into Nara with no special plan, just to enjoy the place and everything I met face to face on my way in – a stone garden, small shrines, flowers, and old lanterns. I was too late to visit Kasuga Taisha, but the route there was quite picturesque. On the way back I got lost and decided to have a rest feasting my eyes on a beautiful sunset.  Then, I watched a very interesting scene –all the deer suddenly rushed somewhere. I followed them and saw that a mini-truck brought fresh cut grass that the deer ate with great appetite! Friendly locals guided me to the train station. I enjoyed the day in Nara very much!

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