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47 New Frappuccinos at Starbucks Japan

One for each prefecture!

Photo: PR Times
By Kim    - 1 min read

Starbucks Japan typically has a range of delicious, seasonal frappuccinos on offer, but from June 30th until August 3rd they're going all out with 47 new flavor options. The "47 Jimoto Frappuccino" project brings a taste of each of Japan's 47 prefectures to customers across the country.

Shiga's drink is looking colorful
Shiga's drink is looking colorful (Photo: Shiga Biwablue Citrus Cream Frappuccino – © 2021 Starbucks Coffee Company)

The full repertoire of flavors can be found on the official Starbucks site, but to get your tastebuds going, why not consider Tottori's coffee and caramel frappuccino designed to look like the region's famous sand dunes, or Wakayama's citrus-flavored offering – the prefecture is one of the country's biggest mikan producers.

You can practically see the dunes.
You can practically see the dunes. (Photo: Tottori Gaina Caramel Creamy Frappuccino – © 2021 Starbucks Coffee Company)

All of the Starbucks Japan frappuccinos come in tall size only, and they're priced at ¥669 (takeout) or ¥682 (in-store). Unfortunately, each flavor is only sold in its own prefecture—it would be a bit much for the baristas to remember 47 new frap flavors—but if you're passing through different regions, be sure to do a little taste testing!

Crisp, refreshing and perfect!
Crisp, refreshing and perfect! (Photo: Wakayama Tsuremotenomora Mikan Citrus Frappuccino – © 2021 Starbucks Coffee Company)

To find the nearest Starbucks store to you, visit the official website.

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Justin Velgus 2 months ago
I live in Miyagi, so I tried the zunda (crushed edamame) version. It was interesting, but just OK I thought. I won't get again. The local zunda shakes sold around Sendai are better. Personally I prefer the standard Starbucks matcha frappacino more than this special drink--it is so good! I am interested to try other prefecture drinks though!
Kim Author 2 months ago
I was curious about how that one would be, and the Hokkaido corn one! Wish I could have gone to Nagasaki to try theirs, that would have been my first pick!
Amanda Ho 2 months ago
perfect drinks for this hot weather!
Elena Lisina 3 months ago
Never ever went to Starbucks in Japan! Maybe I should!
Kim Author 3 months ago
That's true! Starbucks actually isn't very popular at all in my home country!
Lynda Hogan 3 months ago
Some of them wouldn't be too my taste, but thankfully the Saitama one actually looks quite delicious! Can't wait to try it.
Kim Author 3 months ago
Hokkaido's had me a little 🤮🤮...corn and milk! Curious to know how that one is!