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A Bargain on Nagano Specialty Goods

Purchase them online or at the shop in Ginza

A special discount promotion called the "Family Discount" is currently available nationwide in Japan, with each prefecture offering different deals. On this JapanTravel website, Fukushima Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture have all been advertising great travel deals for visitors. Now, Nagano Prefecture has also announced a special discount on famous local products from within the prefecture.

These discounts are available at the Nagano store called "Ginza Nagano" (銀座NAGANO) in Ginza, Tokyo. It is also available on their online store which is also managed by Ginza Nagano. You can buy a variety of goods produced locally in Nagano Prefecture at a 30% discount, including soba (buckwheat noodles), sake, and juice. For 40% off, you can purchase rice and water to help support the areas affected by the March 2011 disaster. This discount also includes soy sauce and tsukemono (pickled vegetables) made by victims of the disaster in addition to Nagano's traditional products like lacquer clocks.

However, since these items must be purchased through the Ginza Nagano shop or on their online store, please confirm the availability of the products beforehand.

This discount will start from  June 1st, 2015. While the nationwide "Family Discount" campaign is through January 31st, 2016, Nagano's discount will come to an end when their products sell out.

This is a perfect opportunity for fans of Nagano Prefecture who want to purchase local products at a bargain price. For those who have never been to Nagano, this is the perfect chance to learn more about the prefecture.

Please refer to the websites below for more information.

Ginza Nagano's online store - English

Nagano discount website information - Japanese

Nagano tourism website - English

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