'Early Ukiyo-e' Exhibit In Chiba

17th-century traditional artwork show until Feb. 25

By Victoria Vlisides    - 1 min read

Ever wonder what it would be like to go to a cherry blossom viewing party in the Edo Period? The Chiba City Museum of Art is exhibiting Ukiyo-e brush illustrations and woodblock prints with scenes of love, hana-mi (flower viewing), Kabuki (Japanese traditional play) and more until Feb. 28.

Featuring 17th-century traditional Japanese artwork, the exhibit is titled “Early Ukiyo-e: Power of the Woodblock, Power of the Brush.” To celebrate the museum’s 20-year anniversary, the collection consists of nearly 200 pieces, with some only featured during certain weeks.

Outside the gallery, English-speakers can get a list of pieces. Additionally, English information is listed with each piece in the gallery. There are no photos allowed inside the gallery.

Located in Chiba City, the museum is open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on Sunday-Thursday and until 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. It is closed on Feb. 1 and 15. Admission is ¥1200 for adults, ¥700 for students. Go to the museum’s website for more information.

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Vicky Amin 5 years ago
Ukiyo-e has always been a thing to me! It's really good that they hold this kind of exhibition to keep the artwork alive.
Victoria Vlisides Author 5 years ago
It's a great exhibition!