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Thai Massage Sabaidee and Tea

Sabaidee and Tea (サバイディ&ティー) is a specialty Thai massage parlor in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. With aroma oil and foot reflexology courses in an inviting atmosphere, it is the perfect escape for ultimate relaxation. Thai tourism information and a small amount of Thai products are also available. 

Tohoku Oktoberfest

Tohoku Oktoberfest is a German beer festival that comes to Sendai every June and September. Grab a drink and find your way to the beer hall for the real experience! 

Ernie's Bar in Sendai

Ernie's Bar in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture is a local legend. Owned by an expat right out of London, Ernie welcomes foreigners and Japanese with his lounge style bar located in the heart of the entertainment district.

Kento's: "Oldies but Goodies"

Kento's is a live house that specializes in "Oldies but Goodies" 50's~60's American pop music. The Kento's brand has several locations across major cities in Japan, including this location in Sendai. 

Sendai's Asakusa

Formerly lumber dealers, then a shopping street, Sendai's Asakusa is now mainly home to izakayas and bars. It's a different tourist experience, away from the crowds.