Heaven's Cafe

Authentic American Pizza in the Heart of Snow Country

By Michael B    - 2 min read

Japan offers a lot of great pizza options, especially in wood-fired varieties. Still, there is something so delicious about a traditional American-style hand-tossed, baked pizza that can't be beat. I've been all over Japan, and I can honestly say that Heaven's Cafe is the only restaurant of its kind within 200 kilometers, maybe more.

This small mom-and-pop restaurant is run by an American expat and his Japanese wife (both of whom are very friendly and welcoming). The restaurant specializes in American food such as burgers and pizzas, but they have unique twists, such as Fijian-style ingredients for their various meal options. To me, everything there tasted like I was at a restaurant in the United States, which is a unique privilege you may seek when touring through Japan's snow country.

The pizza is where Heaven's Cafe really shines. Offering standard options like margherita and pepperoni, you can also opt for Fijian-style (using caramelized coconut cream and other ingredients) pizzas or calzones. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices, as the ingredients, crust, and sauce are all fantastic.

It is also one of the few places in the area that you can get good onion rings and American-style chili, both of which are mainstays back in the States.

Complementing the food is the wonderful atmosphere for the restaurant. It is housed in a renovated Japanese style home, with booth, bar, and outdoor seating. The combination of Japanese and American aesthetics adds to the restaurant's charm. The outdoor seating is great for taking in the beautiful Niigata scenery while enjoying the delicious food the restaurant offers.

For travelers coming from America, Heaven's Cafe offers a break from the other cuisines more common in Japan, and for travelers from other countries, the restaurant presents the opportunity to eat authentic and delicious American-style food.

Getting there

Heaven's Cafe is located on Route 17 about five minutes by car or taxi from Urasa station (a 20 minute walk). It is about a 15 minute drive from the Muikamachi IC (Kan-etsu expressway).

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Sleiman Azizi 2 months ago
As a child, I used to fantasise about owning a small pizza bar. I was always afraid that I'd eat away any profits....
Kim B 2 months ago
A slice of both, please!!