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Suntopia World Theme Park, Niigata

An dated but fun little theme park outside Niigata city

Suntopia World is a theme park just outside Niigata City which I'd never heard of until they started advertising their new 6 storey wooden maze (the A-maze) just before the summer holidays. Damn those marketing people. We duly went off to check it out.

In spite of its slightly faded and worn appearance it is still a good day out for a family if you are in the area. There are a whole bunch of different rides for all ages, some tame, some pretty scary. The older kids (and younger adults) enjoyed the roller coaster and the big new maze, while the little ones were happy on safaris, replica trains and merry-go-rounds. The main building is air-conditioned which was a blessing in the heat of summer and has a couple of large play areas for small children. (I particularly enjoyed spending time with the youngsters here while listening to the thuds and groans of people trying to find their way out of the mirror maze close by.)

You can pay for an entry ticket to the park and then for each ride individually but we had wrist bands that allowed you to ride as much as you like which seemed to be much better value. There is also a Flower Park nearby if you are with adults that might not be into the stresses of herding children around a theme park.

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