Hotel Castle Oita [Closed]

A snug castle by the thriving district of Oita City

By Haruka Saijo    - 3 min read

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Last updated: Aug 16, 2019

The large shopping arcade near Oita Station is where the people of Oita City often gather, for it is the city’s main shopping area. So, who would not want to stay in a hotel right by this thriving district of Oita?

Under a minute’s walk from one of the main streets, you will find Hotel Castle Oita, an unpretentious business hotel. Although the alley that the hotel is standing by may look a bit shady, the hotel itself is very bright and clean, and you will feel relieved right away. The hotel is categorized as a business hotel, but I saw many people visiting for leisure; so even if you’re on vacation, the hotel atmosphere won’t dampen your mood. There are also floors specifically for women, which is comforting news for women traveling on their own or only with their girl friends.

My stay was in a small but comfortable single room, where the bed filled up most of the space. Compared to most of the other business hotels I have been to, the room was clean and had amenities for women, such as oil blotting sheets, and aroma soaps. The free Wi-Fi they have in every room was very easy to connect to, and worked very smoothly. They also had a mineral water bottle in each of the rooms, which you can drink for free. What I liked the most about my stay here, however, was the breakfast. You get a breakfast meal ticket each day, and they have a wide variety of food, Japanese and Western, in a buffet. Since getting a good breakfast while traveling isn’t always an easy thing to do, being able to take in a healthy meal for the day’s energy easily is a huge plus.

Have a look at the large variety of accommodation plans they have to meet all people’s needs. There are plans that come with tickets for Umitamago (Oita Marine Palace Aquarium), plans for non-smokers, plans for people who want to party and drink all-night, early check-in plans, and more. The price range varies according to the style of accommodation you choose, but it is basically a rather reasonable 4000 to 5000 yen per person.

Located in the most convenient place in the city, Hotel Castle Oita provides you with everything you need for traveling in a place you are unfamiliar with. I felt comfortable all day long during my trip around Oita City, knowing that I have a pleasant place to go back anytime I get tired from the burning summer heat, and that made the quality of my travel a lot better. So don’t forget to check in to this comfortable castle right by the shopping district when you’re checking out Oita City!

Haruka Saijo

Haruka Saijo @haruka.saijo

A Japanese university student that used to live in Canada, not so Japanese, loves traveling, enjoys experiencing anything new and exciting, and has passion for music.

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