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Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport Hotel

Comfortable luxury near Narita International Airport

Traveling around whether for leisure or business, the important thing that all people want is comfort. But a lot of the time, travel and comfort do not go together, especially when travelling by plane where one has to sit around in a small space for hours. First thing you want is to stretch out and relax on a comfortable bed before you go out and explore places or continue working. On the other hand, if you have to catch a plane to return home and have to wait for the plane for several hours, you just want a comfortable place where you can really relax and not have to travel far to the airport.

The Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport Hotel is sitting almost right at the entrance to Narita International Airport. The convenience starts right in front of both airport terminals. At Terminal 2, I just stopped by the information center and asked for the place where I should go to get the hotel shuttle bus, which was right in front of the terminal. The ride took only 10 to 15 minutes and I was at the hotel.

My check-in went smoothly and quickly even though I arrived at the time as a lot of other guests did. I was delighted to find that I didn’t have to drag my extra bag up in my room with me. The hotel has a Luggage Hold service that I found convenient.

The hotel lobby is arranged in a casual style, with a clear glass wall that looks out to the circular central garden with a beautifully arranged waterfall. While I was enjoying the view, a small cute black and white bird was there bathing in the falls and enjoying the garden the same as I was. It was a pleasant sight.

On the ground floor which is designed as a large circle around the garden, besides the lobby and front desk, there is a small convenience store with everything from sushi, snacks, ice cream, drinks to souvenirs and also some boutiques. On the ground floor there is the Terrace lounge and the Terrace restaurant where a beautiful breakfast buffet is served in the morning. There are large windows looking out to the small wedding chapel and dense forests full of mature trees. The hotel features a Japanese restaurant and a Chinese restaurant, both located on the second floor. There are conference rooms at the very top floor and the fitness room including the swimming pool and sauna in the basement.

My room was the HILTON QUEEN. The room was perfectly sized and would be just right for 1 or 2 people. The queen size bed was big and comfortable. The view from the large window presented a beautiful forest and lush vegetation which was refreshing each time I looked out. The room is fully equipped with all the facilities of a city hotel room, including bathrobes and Japanese yukata robes. Inside my room it was not just clean and comfortable, but also very quiet and peaceful. I could not hear any noise of the planes flying in and out of the Narita International Airport at all.

Besides the HILTON QUEEN room, the hotel also features HILTON TWIN, DELUXE and the Suites. The size of the rooms varies from 25m² to 105m² and starts from 9,500 yen for the queen and twin room up to 80,190 yen for the Suites.

The Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport Hotel has two shuttle bus services. One is back and forth between the hotel and the airport and the second is back and forth between the hotel to the Keiseinarita Station and the AEON Shopping Mall at the center of Narita town. The hotel is not only near the airport but is also close to spectacular tourist attractions like the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple which is a must see. The temple is not far from the Keiseinarita station.

For people who love cycling, the hotel has bicycle rental. It’s about 1.5 kilometers from the Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport Hotel to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. I rode on the side walk, cycling on the side walk is permitted here in Japan which is really convenient for busy roads. From the temple I cycled north about six and a half kilometers to the open air museum ‘Boso no Mura’ which is the other interesting attraction of Narita town.

If you are looking for comfortable accommodation near Narita International Airport and the must-see temple of Narita, you can visit the hotel website for more information. Have a relaxing and comfortable stay at the Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport Hotel and enjoy exploring Japan.

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