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Nitoyo Coast Rock Oyster Festival

19 restaurants serving up the region's specialty

Venue: Nitoyo Coast, Oita/Miyazaki When: Early May - Late Aug 2023

The Nitoyo Coast stretches from the southern part of Oita Prefecture to the northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, and it's famous for one thing in particular - rock oysters. The oysters in this part of the country are nourished by mineral-rich seawater from the Kuroshio current and ultra-clean rainwater that flows from the region's mountains, creating the conditions for larger, richer, and creamier oysters than in other locations.

Now in its 6th year, the Nitoyo Coast Rock Oyster Festival celebrates the revered local delicacy, with several different restaurants in Saiki City, Nobeoka City, Kadogawa Town, and Hyuga City participating in the event.

Getting there

The addresses for the participating restaurants should be released closer to the event date.

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Catherine Lee a week ago
Sorry…. Is this event for 2023 or 2021? The enclosed event flyers are stating 2021!
Catherine Lee a week ago
Thanks Kim! I will be travelling the Northern Kyushu area and hopefully will be able to catch this event when it happens!
Sleiman Azizi 8 months ago
I'm sorry, I had to laugh. When I read the title, the first thing that came to mind was the song 'Rock Lobster' by The B52s 😂
Kim Author 8 months ago
Oooh, nice throwback!
Reynald Ventura a year ago
Hmmmm oysters for lunch Would love to try it
Elena Lisina a year ago
I haven't ever tried oysters yet - what a shame! :))

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