Yufu City: Immersed in Nature

Mountains, highlands and hot springs in Northern Kyushu

 By Nicole Bauer   Aug 15, 2014

Yufu City, or Yufuin in Japanese, is a lovely hot spring town right in the middle of Oita Prefecture in Northern Kyushu, blessed with great mountains and healing waters. I took it as a base to climb Yufu-dake, a majestic mountain with two peaks; however, it also makes a perfect starting point for excursions to nearby Beppu. Yufu City has kept its charm and delivers a truly authentic experience. To see the cherry blossoms you should calculate early April; due to Yufuin's higher elevation, the blossoms open up much later than in the rest of Kyushu. 

Photography by Nicole Bauer
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Nicole Bauer Photographer 3 years ago
I didn't try the shochu, sorry! But I will keep this in mind for next time :-))
Yui Yamaguchi 3 years ago
Beautiful combination of colors - mountain, cherry blossom & canola. Did you drink "Yufudake (shochu)"? My cousin's family is making in Yufuin!