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Betty Smith Jeans Museum and Outlet

Unique jeans and unique history in one place

Although you might know it for looking at it, the small town of Kojima in Okayama Prefecture is home to some of the most important jeans companies in Japan. One of the most famous of these companies is Betty Smith Jeans. Betty Smith has been making quality jeans for many decades now, and is famous for, among other things, being the first company ever to make jeans for women in Japan. Between the rich history and high quality clothing, it's easy to see why Betty Smith jeans are famous across the country. However, only in Kojima can you enjoy the Betty Smith Jeans Museum.

While jeans history and culture are both a part of the museum, there's a lot more to enjoy as well. The highlight of the experience is the opportunity to create your own custom-made jeans; you can customize threading, buttons, loops, and more! At the nearby outlet store, aside from jeans of course, you can also purchase various denim products that you won't find anywhere else, like key chains and bags.

If you enjoy quality jeans and fashion, or are looking for a unique made-in-Japan gift, make sure to pay a visit to the Betty Smith Jeans Museum. You will be glad you did!

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