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Bizen is a city of 40,000 made up of Yoshinaga, Hinase and the Bizen areas. Famous around the world for beautiful ceramics, the city has the welcomed trilogy of sea, town and mountains. Hinase represents the sea with a strong fishing industry, markets and restaurants offering the freshest fish possible. The town hugs the coast and homes dot the valleys that run toward the coast. The Hinase Archipelago is visible from almost any point along the coast and can be reached by ferry. Yoshinaga is Bizen’s hinterland. If you need to recharge your batteries the forest roads of Yoshinaga provide the solution. While the heart of Bizen pottery is the area around Inbe station, Bizen’s commercial center is further down the road where you find a compact town with everything you need. There is even a small covered shopping arcade with popular local businesses.

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