Hanami at Korakuen Garden

The beatiful cherry blossoms at Korakuen Garden

By Hannah Booth    - 1 min read
Venue: Korakuen Garden When: Mar 21st - Apr 10th 2020 ,  7:30am - 6:00pm

These are from my day at the Kōrakuen Garden in Okayama- shi, Okayama, Japan. Kōrakuen is considered one of the three best gardens in Japan. With its wide sweeping green lawns, beautiful flowers, traditional architecture, and spectacularly huge koi carp I can understand why it is ranked as such. The time of year that I took these is especially great because it is when the cherry blossoms bloom. Cherry blossoms only bloom briefly at the beginning of spring. The time of year is called Hanami; "hana" is flower in Japanese and "mi" is to look. Therefore this time of year is when everyone goes out and picnics under the trees and looks at the flowers. It is a truly memorable sight.

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Hannah Booth

Hannah Booth @hannah.booth

Konichiwa! My name is Hannah Booth I am an English teacher currently residing in Okayama, Japan. Okayama is in the south between Osaka and Hiroshima. I have tried to make the best of my time since I arrived in August by doing some touristy things. It is my hope to give perspective adventurers some fun and unique traveling ideas. I love Japan and hope to encourage others to come and enjoy it as well.You can also check out my blog at auntucky.tumblr.com

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Elena Lisina 7 months ago
Atmospheric shots!
I really like the pictures! Beautiful!
Olga 4 years ago
Oh, I thought it was Tokyo Korakuen... Both are equally beautiful, as we can see from your photos!
Andrea Miyata 6 years ago
Lovely photos! I was married in Korakuen 15 years ago but have only been back once since then. Your photos have convinced me that I need to visit again....