Colorful cosmos flowers in Okayama (Photo: Aimaimyi/CC By SA 3.0)
Colorful cosmos flowers in Okayama (Photo: Aimaimyi/CC By SA 3.0)

Hokubō Cosmos Festival 2024

A celebration of around one million cosmos flowers

Venue: Hokubo Cosmos Square When: Early Oct 2024

On the second Sunday of October each year, a colorful cosmos festival takes place at the Hokubo Cosmos Square in Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture. The event is home to around one million flowers in a 1 hectare space, and there are also typically some fun stage performances and locally-made products available to purchase. For those who fancy stretching their legs a little, the cosmos square connects to a 6-kilometer long cosmos walking path along the nearby Bitchu River, which offers some incredibly picturesque views.

Entrance to the event is free of charge, but do bring some yen if you plan to buy some food or local crafts.

Getting there

The Hokubo Cosmos Square is most conveniently accessed via private vehicle - the venue is located just a minute's drive from the Hokubo IC on the Chugoku Expressway. On-site parking is available.

For those utilizing public transport, the cosmos square is around a 25 minute cab ride from Kinoyama Station on the JR Hakubi Line.

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Elena Lisina 3 years ago
Cosmos seems to be quite popular flower in Japan!
Kim Author 3 years ago
Yes! I think they're beautiful, and there are lots of events that feature them. Even in small towns you can sometimes find festivals with millions of them!

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