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Takahashi City is located between Niimi City in the northern part of Okayama Prefecture and Soja City which is just 40 minutes outside of downtown Okayama City. With a population of only 34,000, where many of the residents connected to Kibi International University and Junsei Junior College. This makes for an interesting city with a mixture of young people and the old charm of a city tucked away in valley surrounded by impressive mountains.

Takahashi has Bitchu Matsuyama Castle standing at the top of a mountain looking over the town and the famous Takahashi River which cuts the city in two. Takahashi boasts to have one of the Best Hundred Great Streets in Japan. The best time to walk along this street is spring when the cherry trees are in full bloom. At the top of this street and just over the train tracks are a group of houses where the samurai of the area lived a few centuries ago.

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Hi, I’m Judith Mikami originally from Auckland, New Zealand. I came to Japan about twenty years ago to experience a culture and country very different from my homeland. Like many who have ventured to Japan I fell in love with the people, culture and places and before I knew it I would meet my husband. I have lived only in Okayama Prefecture and call this area my home away from home.

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