The Bikan District, Kurashiki

Classic 17th century buildings in a picturesque town

 By Ben Beechey   Jul 24, 2012

The Bikan district is a part Kurashiki city (倉敷市), a historic city located in the west of Okayama Prefecture. The city itself has a long history associated with feuds between different clans. It was a thriving river port during the Edo period, a time when many distinctive white-walled, black-tiled warehouses were built to store goods. The Bikan area contains many fine examples of these 17th century wooden warehouses, along a picturesque canal surrounded by weeping willows and filled with koi carp. The locals of this part of the city have worked very hard to maintain the traditional feel of the Edo era.

Photography by Ben Beechey
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Cathy Cawood 3 years ago
Great photos! I really love this place. I've been there twice, both times in summer, and it's a lovely area.
Judith Mikami 5 years ago
Hi Tyra,

The Bikan area is absolutely FREE but what you will have to watch is spending your money in the great shops that line the streets there. Thanks for adding Okayama onto your holiday plans.
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 5 years ago
Do we need to pay for an entrance fee to get inside? I am hoping to go there in the next holiday. Thanks for sharing all these great photos and the info. as well.