By Judith Mikami   Jan 4, 2012

Tsuyama City is located at the top of Okayama Prefecture bordering Tottori Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture.  Tsuyama has a rich mixture of history, culture and people that makes is a worthwhile location to visit. 

Tsuyama is one of Okayama's biggest agriculture areas but it has a some interesting historical places Tsuyama Castle, Joto Street, Sakura Shrine, Kazuzan Park and Yayoi Village.

Tsuyama Castle like many in Japan are mostly in ruins but history tell us that when the structure stood is was equal to that of Himaji Castle.

In recent times Tsuyama has hosted the F1 motor sports and a food event that has become one of the most popular in Japan called the B1 Gourmet.  A local restaurant has won the first prize for serving its famous 'hormone udon'.  Lastly, the local pharmacy shop is owned by the parents of Japan's biggest groups Bz's, called Inaba Chemist.  You will often see young girls posing for pictures.

Written by Judith Mikami
Japan Travel Member

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