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Blue Seal American Village

Crepes, tapioca and ice cream inside Depot Island

Blue Seal Ice Cream's shoppe in the trendy Mihama American Village in Chatan has unique offerings not seen in its typical parlors. Ice cream is included,on the menu but instead of the traditional hamburgers, hot dogs and fries found at most Blue Seal BigDip stores, the American Village location offers more than 50 varieties each of crepes and tapioca. The store is located on the newer western end of the Depot Island shopping center on the second floor just above the Pink Dracula clothing store with views of the Dragon Palace Ferris Wheel in sight. Ice cream cups or cones are 360 yen to 600 yen depending on the size and variety of cone and the number of scoops added. Tapioca is priced between 320 yen and 500 yen. Crepes vary widely for dessert or hot dog or other varieties but most are between 400 yen to 500 yen. Blue Seal in American Village is open 11:00 ~ 23:00 daily.

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