Mihama Kid's Park

Indoor play for children in Mihama American Village

By Michael Flemming    - 1 min read

There's an attraction buried toward the northwestern end of Mihama American Village that is just family friendly, especially for children. Mihama Kid's Park is an indoor playground for children. The park has a large assortment of jungle gymnasium equipment complete with ball pits, slides, trampolines, catwalk obstacle courses, and climbing challenges. It's a great spot to let the children run around if staying at one of the hotels in American Village or just shopping at the Dragon Palace, Ryukyu Aeon, or Depot Island Shopping Centers. Admission for adults is 200 yen. Admission for children is 750 yen on weekdays for three hours, or 850 yen on Saturdays and 950 yen on Sundays for two hours. Children 13 and above are 400 yen. Mihama Kid's Park has a changing room, a feeding room, a large seating area for parents, free WiFi, the Kid's Cafe, and an outdoor seating area for smokers. The park is open daily from 10:00 ~ 20:00.

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