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Capital Steakhouse

It's teppanyaki time

Capital Steakhouse is one of the many teppanyaki style restaurants in Okinawa that are very popular with locals, American military personnel, and tourists alike. Restaurants like capital cook yaki, or meat, on large flat iron grills called teppans, right at the table. The meal usually includes a spirited performance by the chef who makes witty jokes as he plays with and cooks the food, sometimes creating awesome fire or smoke effects with the ingredients. Teppanyaki restaurants can be very pricey, but Capital Steakhouse is on the low end of the price scale. My family and I had two kids meals, one adult sirloin, shrimp and chicken dinner, and another adult sirloin and hamburger dinner all for about 4,800 yen. Try eating teppanyaki during lunch hours to get nearly the same meal at about half price.Capital Steakhouse is located just south of the northernmost intersection of Routes 224 and 75 in Uruma City. There is also a location on Route 23 just up the hill from the intersection with Route 58 in Chatan.The restaurant is open from 11:30 ~ 23:00 daily; yen, American dollars and all major credit cards are accepted.