Gon Soba

A traditional Okinawan Soba shop on Route 58 in Yomitan

By Michael Flemming    - 2 min read

My wife had the pleasure of being the residential housing agent for the owner of the Soba Shop Gon restaurant chain before he owned any restaurants. Her answer to my question "what is Gon" was succinctly answered as being "the reward of doing everything possible to be successful." While I still think that Gon is an obscure Japanese boys name, the small but growing restaurant chain Gon stands for traditional Okinawan soba. Gon has established locations in the Okinawa City Koza and the Ginowan City Okinawa Convention Center areas.The Yomitan Village location that we visited for lunch opened in late August, 2013. The menu consists of six types of soba - mixed rib and pork, soki (soft bone), hon soki (hard bone), sliced pork (sanmainiku), kake (plain), and nankon (pork). Okinawan Soba is made primarily of wheat unlike mainland soba that is made primarily of buckwheat. I recommend ordering the mixed rib and pork soba as it essentially has all of the toppings Gon offers on it. Every soba at Gon is priced from 300 to 700 yen. Rice and onigiri is 50 to 120 yen. Soft drinks are 150 yen. Orion beer in bottles is 500 yen. Soba Shop Gon is located on the west side of Route 58 in Yomitan about 100 meters before the intersection with Route 6. Gon is open daily from 11:00 ~ 21:00.

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