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Hotto Motto

Japan's largest take out shop serves fresh bento 24/7

Hotto Motto is the largest take out only restaurant chain in Japan offering inexpensive freshly prepared meal sets just minutes after ordering. The menu offers more than 35 different meal sets that changes each month. Hotto Motto's meals vary widely using fish, shrimp, beef, pork, and chicken along with noodles, vegetables, salad, pickled vegetables, fried potatoes, rice, eggs, ham, kimchi and nori prepared and arranged in countless combinations. Some months a large amount of the menu is devoted to theme entrees such as Thai, curry, or seafood, but there is always something available for every taste and desire that any patron may have. Hotto Motto always offers a few kid's sized sets as well as instant soups, ready made bento boxes, and a full line of beverages. Prices range from 320 yen to 680 yen with most items costing less than 500 yen. Hotto Motto has 89 locations throughout Okinawa and more than 2,000 locations in mainland Japan. Most stores are open 24 hours a day year round; most stores close on certain holidays, notably during Oban in mid to late summer.

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