Manta Park's Giant Slide in Awase

A Thrilling 75 Meter Long Roller Glide

By Michael Flemming    - 1 min read

A mere playground can be an amazing find for those unaccustomed to seeing the giant roller slides that are in many of Okinawa's municipal parks. Situated in Manta Park a couple of stone throws away from Route 85 and the Pacific Ocean coastline of the Awase District in Okinawa.City, this slide is a head turner. The slide consists of hundreds and hundreds of rubber covered rollers along a half meter wide track that plunges from the third story of an elevated observation tower for a 75 meter long ride. Scale the observation tower, assume the position, and slingshot your way on a bumpy but swift journey. The park is open to the public and also features a basketball court, grassy fields, a playground, restrooms, and covered picnic tables. There are about 10 parallel parking spots along the roadway on the south side of the park.

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Michael Flemming

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