Ryugujo Butterfly Garden

An Up Close Encounter

By Muneerah Bee    - 1 min read

While most tourists head to the Motobu Peninsula to go to the Ocean Expo Park, the area also hosts a park for a different type of animal. Sure you’ve seen butterflies before, but the Ryugujo Butterfly Garden offers a chance to get really close to them. There are red hats for you to put on which will attract the butterflies to you. Some visitors may find the garden to be small with nothing much to do besides viewing the butterflies. Others will find it to be a great place to hone photography skills with these fluttery creatures. Ryugujo Butterfly Garden is located a few kilometers before Ocean Expo Park just off of Route 114 and adjacent to the Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort Okinawa Island.

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Muneerah Bee

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