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Trip to Miyagi Island

A little adventure in Okinawa

Miyagi Island is one of 150 islands around Okinawa and is situated in the Uruma County, on the east side of the main island. The island is easily reached through a connecting bridge and public transport like buses. I was very lucky to have met some amazing people that were craving to go for a little adventure on the island and connect more with nature. We met a Japanese woman named Tomomi in Chatan on our travels who was happy to join us and drive us around the island. And so our trip began!

We were taken to a hidden beach which is known as "Blue Tombs" by the local surfers to set up our tent accommodation for the night. Once we finished setting up, we made a campfire and just gazed up at the stars. It was pure bliss just listening to the ocean waves and seeing the clear sky. The next day we woke up and were amazed by the views, it looked like Paradise. After a bit of warming up we jumped into water. Next to the beach, there is a hill which has a big tomb and an observatory at the top that gives stunning views of the island around. This is where the "Blue Tombs" name comes from. We spent a few more hours just enjoying the beauty and then worked a bit to get our car out which stuck in the sand! Once it was all fixed, we made our way to the next adventure towards the north of the Island.

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